Volunteer at the Disorder Symposium

For University of Sydney students who want to get a unique look behind the scenes of an international symposium, who want to rub elbows with academic experts in Anthropology, and who want to build their CVs volunteering at the Disorder Symposium is an excellent opportunity.


You will receive free participation and free meals while at the symposium, and organisers will make sure that you can attend panels and presentations of particular interest.



Tasks include:

  • Helping with symposium preparation (e.g. assembling conference bags) on Monday 3 November.
  • Running errands and putting up direction signs around campus
  • Assisting conference participants with campus directions
  • Preparing and supervising workshop rooms
  • Helping to staff the symposium office
  • Assisting with symposium registration and check-in Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Life tweeting from the panels
  • Photographing panels and events
  • And generally being helpful, polite and knowledgeable about the venue and event details


If you are interested in helping out, contact Katarina.Ferro@sydney.edu.au with (1) your name, (2) mobile number, and (3) what days you are available. Also please look at the program and symposium program to identify which panels you are most interested in attending or facilitating.


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